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Marina Piccinato

The experience gained in twenty-five years of running the family-owned business has led me to open Cooking Passion where I can express my professional expertise in the restaurant and sommellerie field. In order to offer a precise, innovative and unique service I personally handle the whole operation and when needed, I avail myself of the support of Chef Manlio Signora my partner in life and at work.

Event Management

A Full Service

Cooking Passion can manage the whole organisation of an event whether it is a wine tasting, a buffet or any type of circumstance involving food and/or wine and directly at the venue of your choice.

A briefing, in which I will listen to your needs, will set the targets to be achieved and will allow us to choose the professionists required so as to give your guests the best welcome.

Home Cousine

'A Chef at home!' that listens to your ideas and needs

Create a menu, have it prepared and cooked with great passion and where you wish: 'A Chef at Home!'. You can decide to supply directly the ingredients, or Cooking Passion through its trusted vendors can do it for you, and on the table you will have the certainty of guaranteed and fresh gastronomic delights with zero food miles. A treat for the palate and a feast for the eyes that will become the occasion to elicit some little tricks of the trade that will make the event even more pleasant.

My culinary proposals range from local traditional dishes and from the region Friuli to Italian and international ones and if necessary, they can be modified according to personal taste or in the case of food intolerances.

Cooking Demo

the thrill of seeing a chef at work!

Preparing and cooking one or more recipes: starting from the choice of the ingredients up to the presentation of the dish and explaining the various steps to a limited group of people or even to an international audience (with explanations in English); thus, becoming a moment that adds value to any type of context.

Cooking Passion has rental equipment such as hotplates and related kitchenware that allow to organise easily a Cooking Demo.

Wine tasting

The curious divine aroma

You and your guests will be led on a journey through a guided wine tasting where you will be explained a previously selected group of wines and shown how to interpret them; thus, allowing everbody to discover senses and aromas that will be enhanced thanks to a guide that really knows wine in depth.

Sommelier service

Wine served with competence and style

I am a Certified Sommelier, Wine Taster and part of the association 'Donne del Vino'. My expertise in wine coupled with my culinary skills allow me to offer a sensory analysis in pairing food and wine for buffet-style or table service where the presentation must distinguish itself for its professionalism and elegance.

I also deal with more specific initiatives such as service at wine-tasting stands at events dedicated to wine e.g. fairs, Vinitaly etc. Furthermore, I create wine menus for wine bars and restaurants.

Fine dining service

The Attention to detail

Whether it is a gala, a business lunch, a dinner among friends or a birthday, the presentation and the fine dining service make the difference.

Cooking Passion brings into play all the experience and professionalism that distinguishes it even in particular cases where a greater workforce is required or there is the necessity to rely on a trustworthy and capable partner.

Some customers

What I like to cook

Marina gossip

Cooking Passion, as the name indicates, expresses the enthusiasm with which I face this experience despite the many years I have already passed in the restaurant business.

Passion exactly!

My cuisine is most of all light, coloured and delicious.
I prefer preparing traditional recipes of the foothills of the area of Pordenone and using typical, local products: Trout, Pitina, Formai dal Cit, Asìno cheese and seasonal, local vegetables such as wild herbs that I pick personally and asparagus, courgettes, mushrooms, radicchio; a rich selection with which I make from small portion finger-foods for buffets, to complete dishes for lunches and dinners.
I also like to encompass in my cuisine appetizing dishes that are traditional Italian but also some international and ethnic speciality foods.
And what to say about the themed menus with paired wines? A game to surprise your friends and tempt their taste buds by making an encounter unforgettable.
Finally, I will delight you with the balance between the tastes and the aromas of baked goods, cremes, parfaits: all freshly prepared with my own hands.

Cooking for you will be a great honour.
Cooking passion di Marina Piccinato
Via julia, 81
33070 Budoia PN
Tel +39 333.7728798